Local: Color


With what season do you associate rainbows? 

If you replied, “Spring,” that’s what I would say, too.

Here locally, in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, rainbows pop up almost as if on schedule during the Spring rainy season. It was quite an astonishing occasion when this stunning rainbow graced our wetland a few days ago. Where it projected was of greater amazement still… I’m not an expert on rainbow geometry, but however the dynamics work, a rainbow in this sector of the sky is not a usual thing. Then to be at the right spot -with a camera- was even more miraculous.

I associate brilliant colors this time of year with deciduous trees that use their leaves as tiny palettes to squirt splashes of Autumn hues.  A search in my yard revealed the colors of the rainbow painted upon the local plants… enhanced by the day’s steel-blue sky as a backdrop.

Weekly Photo Challenge: “Local


    1. Thank you, Maggie. We are blessed to have an acre and a half of the wetland as our front yard. A lot of time is spent trying to beat down the invasive plants and to do restoration work by planting native plants. It’s a rewarding challenge, to be sure.

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