The Stars Upon my Apple

Our garden is one of my granddaughter’s favorite places. It’s not unusual to be clasped by the hand and gingerly lead to the back door. With a smile on her face she asks, “Outside, pees. Outside.”

Since spring, she has watched the progression of apple growth from the flowering stage to the ripening stage.

There have been many realizations along the way:

Anxious to eat apples when they first started to take shape…she learned to be patient after the discovery that green fruit does not taste very good but is fun to spit out!


She learned, with time, the red delicious apples finally live up to their name and do turn red and juicy and delicious. Good to eat. Especially… right off the tree.

Now she knows trips outside to the garden result with an apple-in-hand return inside.

And- when Grampa picks apples- it means a delicious pie will be served for dessert.

This year, it would seem sad to find apple season rolling to a close as the cooling of Autumn ends apple production…
file_001However, through the eyes of a two-year old, there is apple magic that will live on forever.

As she and Grampa collected apples on a recent trip to the garden, he polished the bloom off the skin and handed the apple to her. A moment later, her little finger pointed to the yellow specks on the peel.

A look of wonder filled her face as she announced to him,


An apple in hand will forever more be like holding a piece of the universe.. a reminder of the day our granddaughter found a galaxy of stars on an apple.

She will always be the stars upon my apple…


  1. And I am so glad she already knows what the stars are! There is a hunters’ group here who takes urban kids out for their first weekend in nature, and they say that often the kids look up at night and say, “What is that?” They have never seen the stars for themselves, and even though they must read about them in school, the information doesn’t mean anything to them so they don’t internalize it.


    1. The thought of kids (or anyone) not knowing the stars simply breaks my heart. A look into the night sky is made more reassuring, and the world feels little safer whenever I can contemplate the galaxies above. Maybe that’s because my dad made sure his children had some star sense⭐️💫


  2. Jane – this is beautiful – the stars upon your apple part had me twinkling – and the photos are very good – the bite one and the large apple ((and I see the stars))
    what a lovely flowing warm post. 🙂


  3. So sweet! I love the way our two-year-olds see the world. Today I told my granddaughter that my dog had an upset stomach. She went home and told her mom that my dog’s tummy was sad. Great post!


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