Rare Eggplant?

Eggplant, as a food source, actually isn’t rare at all. In fact, it’s been cultivated since prehistory. This species of nightshade has been grown for its edible fruit since the Middle Ages.

Eggplant is typically purple and grows fruit in the familiar name-sake shape as seen growing on this plant. But, sometimes things are not as they appear…


What a rare, and humorous find!! We belted out hardy laughs when an eggplant with a nose was recently found ripe-to-pick in our backyard garden! Many photos were snapped prior to meal preparation… None of us wanted to cook our funny little garden find.


If food could talk… We wondered what our amusing aubergine, brinjal, melongene, or mad-apple would say! All we could do was remark how fine a dinner this rare garden harvest made; a very tasty Eggplant Parmesiano, indeed.

Weekly Photo Challenge: “Rare


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