Tualatin River Farm- Part One: Streamside Stewardship Program for Property Owners

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Invitation to the farm-

FrOGS (Friends of Glencoe Swale) members were pleased by an invitation from Clean Water Services to participate in the Streamside Stewardship Program for Homeowners.

Folks who ordered plants were eligible because they-

  1. live within Clean Water Services’ service area;
  2. own land within 100 feet of a stream or wetland in the Tualatin River watershed;
  3. agree to remove any Non-Native Invasive Plants before planting; and
  4. will take before and after photos of the planting site.

Welcome to the farm-

Margaret Wagner, Water Resources Specialist, greeted us with a warm, friendly smile as she guided us to a cache of native plants.

Our group of plants awaited… tagged especially for Friends of Glencoe Swale.


Only one problem… How to tell the species apart?


Margaret quickly put our concerns to rest as she described attributes of the various trees, shrubs, or forbs.

Margaret Wagner chats with Henry Oberhelman and Ed Wilson about the various trees…

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  1. Good story, Jane. While we can attempt to keep invasive plants out of our own gardens, the local council can’t keep up with invasion of their parklands and nearby native bush. There is an active group of fit [mostly retired] people “Bush Care”, and even they find it hard to make an impression.


    1. Thank you Ken. No matter where… pesky plants pose a daunting task.There is a lot of interest by County, City, and neighborhood groups to pitch in and pull the invasive plants. Some of the restoration projects are impressive. I hope our little wetland will fall in those ranks someday 🙂
      Hurray for the “Bush Care” folks… best wishes

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