Brighter Outlook

Today, weather took a turn from blue-skies to gray… a disappointing change for weather and my spirits.

Then, a flash of color landed on a tree branch outside my bedroom window. Perfect timing!

A Varied Thrush knew when to come and share the brilliance of sunrise and sunset…

Both- dazzlingly displayed upon his tangerine-tinged plumage.

Inspiration for a brighter outlook.

Photo Challenge:State of Mind




    1. The cooperation was impressive, actually. Perched long enough for me to trap my camera and get a few shots off. Generally, thrushes are ground feeders and don’t stay still. Glad this one took a rest😀

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    1. The song sounds like a referee whistle blown in short, spaced bursts. I think the color, especially in males like this one, are more impressive than its song or calls😉

      I agree, you would be happy to see one. Are they found where you live?


      1. None of those Thrushes here in Australia, we do get a Grey Shrike Thrush around home sometimes but that has very plain colouring. It does have quite a nice call though. We also came across a Bassian Thrush when we were on holiday last year, that has speckled russet colours, don’t know about it’s song.

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  1. Perfect! I love these birds — that high piercing, almost eerie call they make this in late winter is what attracted my attention years ago. I kept wondering what bird that was, so I checked a bird-call ID site online, and discovered it was the Varied Thrush.


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