Great Backyard Bird Count- Feb 14, 2016





The most thrilling moment of the day took place when my little 18-month-old granddaughter was with me… a flock of 60 or so Canada Geese flew low and right over us. Her delight, amazement, and excitement were contagious! When I close my eyes, in my mind’s eye, I can see that wondrous look on her face…

These are the species I spotted today over the course of several observation times as noted in captions. Photos from my achieves illustrate the species that were spotted. I can concentrate on looking with more diligence when I set my camera aside. However, tomorrow is the last day of the GBBC, so weather permitting, my camera will go along.

01-14-15_b_mallard_pair1_e Mallard Ducks: (10)    (1:50pm) (2) on pond; male and female (4:30-5:30) (8) flew overhead

American Robin_a American Robin: (1) (4:30-5:30) perched in Oregon Ash

20140101-01-01-14_b_black-capped_chickadee_d Black-capped Chickadees: (4) (11:30-11:45) perched, and feeding at bird feeders


20140123-01-24-14_b_annas_hummingbird_c Anna’s Hummingbird (2) (11:30-11:45) female at feeder; (4:30-5:30)…

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    1. Lindy- this is exciting to hear. I am looking at my iPad Merlin app and see that this chickadee has a white stripe above its eye. What an adorable little bird. Interesting that it flocks with nuthatches and kinglets- both of which we have in our area. I will look more closely at the chickadees that come, but I think our elevation is to low.The map shows them through the Cascade Range.

      Did you have a successful GBBC experience?


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