Great Backyard Bird Count- Feb 12,2016

It’s fun and easy to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count!
This weekend… February 12-15


GBBC_Social-Media_final1-300x300 Feb.12 Click to see how many birds I found.

These are the species I spotted this afternoon during a one hour observation time. The photos were not taken today. I did not have my camera with me at the time of my count.

01-12-15_b_song_sparrow_a Song Sparrow (1)

12-31-13_b_dark-eyed_Junco_oregon_subspecies_c Dark-eyed Junco (4 at bird feeders)

American Robin_a American Robins (2)

Ruby Crowned Kinglet_f Ruby-crowned Kinglet (2, females, in willow row)

20140101-01-01-14_b_black-capped_chickadee_d Black-capped Chickadees (6, perched, and feeding at bird feeders)

01-20-14_b_stellars_jay Stellars Jay (1)

01-08-15_red-breasted_sapsucker_b Red-breasted Sapsucker (1, feeding)

20140123-01-24-14_b_annas_hummingbird_c Anna’s Hummingbird (1, in flight, and perched in willow row)

_DSC7983 Virginia Rail (1, by call only)

01-16-15_b_canada_geese_b Canada geese (2 in flight)

07-28-15_b_mourning_dove_b Mourning Dove (6)

07-09-15_b_red-tailed_hawk_f Red-tailed Hawk (1 in flight)

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