Ornate Matryoshka

She deviates from my usual Nature photographs… however, the Russian artists who create these unique wooden dolls depend on Linden logs to perform their craft. This one is a favorite of mine… a Christmas Matryoshka. She’s from a collection I started years ago that was inspired by a gift from my Grandmother.



What do you think she holds inside? If you guessed a set of nesting dolls, you will be surprised!

This variation was developed by a group of artists that calls itself Matryona. Instead of nested dolls, inside are tall, thin Christmas ornaments- people, trees, churches, and soldiers.

Isn’t this a wonderfully ornate creation?

Weekly Photo Challenge: “Ornate


  1. She is lovely, and beautifully painted! What delicate and imaginative work! Can you see a children’s story illustrated entirely by photos of these lovely Matryona? I’ve always admired these, but was given only 1, and that years ago. Such an interesting collection!


            1. Hi Liz-
              Thank you, in a very belated reply, for thinking about the symbolism on the dolls ❤
              As you can see I've been drawn away from my blog for quite a while. We had a series of family emergencies all strung together since the beginning of November last year…
              I think there is some light in the tunnel. It will be good to be back in balance again.
              Hope you are well and happy as this new year gets underway-


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