The limit or extent of something.

I cannot find a BOUNDARY

that will encompass, identify, or describe

how citizens in my state feel as the result of a senseless massacre that occurred

on the Umpqua Community College campus.


Filled with: sorrow, anger, disbelief, outrage, frustration-

We watch events unfold as moments, days, a week pass.

In Roseburg, Oregon-

Nine innocent people…

  • compassionate friend,
  • animal caregiver,
  • young man starting life anew,
  • inspiring writing instructor,
  • horse-lover,
  • a perfect son,
  • loved and cherished daughter,
  • animal lover and mother,
  • future pediatric nurse.


G U N N E D    D O W N


In memory of those whose lives are lost,


Where is the Boundary of Humanity?

How do some


Is the line too thin… too easily ignored?

Will help for those who are mentally ill, or agreement on measures for gun control- be the only considerations examined to fix this expanding breach in the Boundary of Humanity?

How do we look further?


Perhaps it is time we all must look inward to heart and soul.

Placing blame is not creating the solutions that must come.

The Boundary of Humanity MUST be repaired and strengthened…

agreed upon in a way no longer to be crossed.

If we reclaim pieces of our own humanity, won’t we, then, be better able to repair the breech?

To begin, go next to the Internet. Discover the names of these latest victims.

Write a phrase for each, as I have done above. It is a powerful feeling… to meet those who have perished.

I felt as if I just met an outstanding group of new neighbors.

Try it.

Then, reasons to fix the Boundary of Humanity will become more clear…

Weekly Photo Challenge: “Boundaries


  1. It’s a thin line … But why allow guns on campus? It’s really disturbing to read that this incident is the 45th school shooting this year, and the 149th since Sandy Hook. We grapple here in SA with extreme violence, where communities are wracked by lawlessness and vigilante groups take revenge. When there’s a groundswell of outrage and enough is enough action will happen. My vote would be to have an outright gun ban!


    1. I agree with you, Liz… Wouldn’t it be great if the solution was as simple as a ban on guns!!? The right to bear arms is in our Constitution. However, the founding fathers of the country had no concept at the time of the nightmares, like this one, that would come in the future. It’s a very complex issue with deep roots and many facets of thinking and emotion. I think the reaction of Roseburg residents to President Obama’s visit is an example.


  2. All good questions. So many senseless murders. Unfortunately, the mental health laws, and system, do not allow someone to prevent a mentally unstable person from acting out until they are a threat to themselves or someone else. You cannot force them to get help, stay on their medication, or keep them from purchasing weapons. When they do become a danger, then the police are called and confronted with someone who has crossed the “mental health boarder” and needed help a long time ago. How do I know? I dealt with this situation for 7 years until the Judge signed the dissolution (divorce) judgment filed against me. It is no longer my responsibility. I still have a certain level of fear when I am in town. Only when I’m at work or out of town do I have some level of peace of mind. The system we have was created by the same politicians who are now calling for gun control.


    1. Patrick-
      You so vividly share insight into problems and related reasons why relying on “solving” mental health-related illnesses will not provide a fool-proof solution to social violence. ( In my opinion.)
      It’s sad that you still live with fears caused by a dangerous situation.
      Take care-


    1. It is so senseless. Our news coverage has been extensive. I admire the sheriff in Roseburg… he will not say the shooter’s name… not wanting to give him the notoriety that was sought by callously murdering his classmates. The shooter’s family will have some extremely difficult moral issues to come to terms with, that is to be sure.

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