Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

Western Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly~


Tiger-striped wings: viewed half from above; half below.

Body: adorned with half yellow stripes; half black stripes.

These beautiful butterflies fly in bursts of brilliant yellow from late Spring to mid Summer. Generally widespread from British Columbia south to Baja California and east to the Rockies. They prefer moist areas along watersides, trails, roadsides, parks and gardens.

Usually in motion, this one rested for half a moment on a willow leaf… just long enough for me to capture a photo.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Half and Half.”


    1. This butterfly species has been teasing me since they first appeared… never staying still long enough for a decent shot. That was until this one… I was shooting photos of the Common Yellow-throat out in the wetland when by chance I looked up in the shrubs next to where I was standing. Voila! A resting fellow, with interesting lighting!!

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