Read this before you buy 4th of July Fireworks.

This is an article that I hope many will read and have the reaction-

“Why didn’t I think of this?” Hopefully, it will influence what you won’t buy to celebrate the Fourth of July.

I admire Ellen Anderson, and applaude her for “looking inside the box.”

Be part of showing patriotism without undue harm to the environment of our beautiful country…

Ka-Boom! Fireworks create an eco-bombshell - The Daily Astorian

Ka-Boom! Fireworks create an eco-bombshell - The Daily Astorian


Ka-Boom! Fireworks create an eco-bombshell - The Daily Astorian.pdf_3

Link to the The Daily Astorian article:

Ka-Boom! Fireworks create an eco-bombshell – The Daily Astorian.



  1. Here in SA we also have rather strict rules about the use of fireworks, not that they’re always effectively policed and enforced and I would much rather have them banned entirely. Apart from the damage to the environment and disturbance it causes to pets and wildlife, some people also seem to loose their mind around the stuff and every now and then you’ll read about some seriously injured idiot in the newspaper.


  2. Thanks for posting this information, Jane!

    Also, locally — because of the drought — I’m surprised that I am still seeing fireworks for sale in parts of the Monterey Bay area.


  3. I was perfectly aware of the trash fireworks spread all over the place, but never thought about the more far-reaching effects. Thanks for the info. Shared on FB.


  4. No worries about that one here, Jane, and not because we don’t celebrate 4th of July, or Bastille Day 14th July for that matter 🙂
    Public sale of fireworks has been illegal in this state (in fact I think all states of Australia except the ACT) for many years….. Displays of fireworks can only be performed by licenced operators with permission for the event e.g. New Year’s Eve. One off permits may be granted for charity or similar groups.
    Many of us think that the millions of $$$ that go up in smoke for such events is a waste of money and awful pollutant – but we don’t want to feel like Scrooge 😉


    1. Ken-
      What a great move on the part of making public sale of fireworks illegal! In Oregon, “ground” fireworks are legal, but launched-types are not. But, because the launchables are legal in near-by states…guess what? Many folks disregard the law and bring them into the state. It’s VERY troubling this year because everything is so very dry. I’m with you and the many of others who see wasted dollars and pollution as the terrible price paid for something we really could do without. More cost will be added to the thrills if brush or forest fires are triggered…
      I don’t think that is Scrooge-like; I support that with changing times, our perspectives and priorities about environment-impacting choices must be fluid.
      You’re much wiser “down under” than we are up here… if you want my opinion 😉

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      1. I fear it may be swings and roundabouts, Jane. We are less than perfect in some areas. Currently we bemoan the government lack of support for wave, wind and solar power to replace fossil fuels.


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