Weekly Photo Challenge: “Off Season” at Cape Lookout

This week’s challenge provided the perfect excuse to pull some “Off Season” camping photos out of the archives. I thought the opportunity for sharing these was long gone… glad to find I was wrong. Late winter weather at the Oregon Coast is never very predictable, but we cast worry to the wind  and made reservations for a stay at Cape Lookout State Park in early March.

Entry and check-in at the park were effortless- no crowds, no waiting.

Campsite lanes looked deserted, a condition that is unheard of during peak times when RV’s and hiking-shoed folks tumble into assigned spaces.

Cape Lookout facilities that hum with activity when the park is at full capacity looked as though they were in hibernation- waiting to be awakened. Bleachers at the Interpretive Theater empty, cabins deserted, and picnic tables flopped on sides to allow rains to run off.

No matter how sleepy the park appeared, plenty of folks were busy.  All focused on whatever needed to be done to maintain Oregon’s reputation for beautiful, well-maintained State Parks. We were intrigued by the varied work force: a few salaried Rangers, a team of men fulfilling restitution time, firewood deliverymen, and a handful of dedicated volunteers.  All working to groom and care for the grounds.

But the real bonuses for “Off-season” travel…  the photos can show those all by themselves:

DSC_5703 DSC_5746 DSC_5310 DSC_5360 DSC_5434 DSC_5711 DSC_5725 DSC_5468 DSC_6053 DSC_5770 DSC_5794 DSC_6145-2

Weekly Photo Challenge: “Off-Season”


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