“Vivid”New Grocery Bag

I’m participating in the “Better Bag” Challenge for World Ocean Day by adding a vivid new bag to my collection.

Photo 1 38

Not only do my groceries come home in  reusable shopping bags… so does the produce. Over the course of several shopping trips, I built up a collection of reusable mesh produce sacks. We purchase a lot of produce. By using the mesh sacks, we consume considerably less plastic when going to market.

The only one-use bag I haven’t been able to eliminate is in the meat department when a package is “drippy.” If any one has a suggestion for how to get around this problem, I would love to hear your remedy.

Photo 1 39

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UNLESS… Earth-friendly Chroniclers’ Challenge 11: “Healthy Oceans – Healthy Planet”

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Weekly Photo Challenge: “Vivid”


    1. I’m actually chatting with the manager of the store we shop at here at home about replacing the boring black ones with ones more on the line of the featured vivid model!

      When we visit our daughter up in Washington, I load up on more of these! They are also nice because the recycled plastic they are made from allows the use of disinfecting with now and then. 😉

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  1. Our solution to your ‘drippy meat’ problem is to buy quality meat from our ‘local’ butcher. We pay a bit more than we might at a supermarket, but the quality is excellent. We don’t have to contend with those awful supermarket pre-packaged issues at all. Might not work for everyone, Jane, but it works for us 😉


  2. A beautiful post, Jane, and I love your bag. Great idea to re-use mesh produce bags, too. How elegant, and I never considered it until you suggested it! Thank you.

    Now… You asked, and I’m going to answer: You get around drippy meat bags by choosing to not consume meat. When thinking of energy expenditure and resource waste, few industries are as wasteful of our precious resources than the meat industry. There are a hundred logical arguments against the consumption of meat, but it boils down to personal choice. I became a vegetarian in 1986, and have never once needed or wanted to eat it since. Thus, no drippy meat bags to deal with at market… 😉 Giant hugs, WG ❤


      1. Have you discovered Quinoa? Trader Joe’s makes these wonderful Quinoa and bean (spicy) veggie burgers we have developed an addiction to eating. They are marvelous. I gave up chicken last… months after stopping to eat red meat. It is hard to be a vegetarian in an omnivorous world, but I’m happy there are so many more choices now than were available in the 80s. I hope you find a good solution 😉 WG


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