Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way

There are many miles of highway between there and home…





Steep graded-


Two laned-


Under construction-






and Dark.


There… for this trip was Mesa, Arizona. Home… is near Portland, Oregon.

It’s interesting to ride “shot gun” and shoot photos that capture the “On the Way’ places. I love the in-between especially when a camera is by my side. As a naturalist, long road trips provide a window to capture elements of ecoregions. Click here to see the ones I’ve captured so far: ECOREGIONS

This week’s challenge: “On the Way”


  1. I love highway shots, too, Jane. Having ridden shotgun on five cross-country trips, I had a lot of time to contemplate the fabulous landscapes from my window. This is a terrific set.


    1. Yes, Jane, getting into the pace of long road trips does allow a lot of time for contemplation! I enjoyed having a camera that can shoot while moving- it opened another element in that thinking process. It’s also great to have the “big picture” memories captured. Happy travels 🙂

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  2. Wonderful photos 😉 What a trip! Hope you’re well. My good intentions to post to your “Unless” themes have gotten lost in the excitement of May. I did a turtle post when we had a mother laying eggs in our lawn, but failed to link. Good intentions will one day win out 😉 ❤ WG


      1. No pressure, Jane. This is such a busy year for us “Nature Enthusiasts” that we spend as much time as we can out enjoying the show, and very little inside with our technology 😉 (as it should be…) ❤

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    1. Yes Ken, it was quite a journey that actually took three weeks to complete. It was the first trip… and a very ambitious one… that we took with our RV “cabin on wheels.” There were many interesting stops along the way. All, except for one, fit the “revive” category. That exception fit the “survive” category… one of the front brakes caught fire on our SUV. The funny part was that the breakdown happened in a place called- Surprise, Arizona. No, I’m not kidding! Luckily there was a brake repair shop not too far from where we started smoking. We had to wait for parts to arrive, so that night we discovered what it’s like to camp in a shopping mall parking lot!

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    1. I imagine the landscapes are very different than those in your part of Africa. I will be honest and admit that the dry, desert environments are not my favorite. (I prefer green forests and waters of lakes, rivers and oceans) But, having the camera and viewing the trip through the lens to find composition and perspective did a lot to expand my appreciation for these arid parts of the country. Then using the collections of photos to understand the ecoregions we traveled through was a viewpoint for organizing travel photos in a new and unique way that I had never tried before. So yes, some are enticing destinations as well as interesting points along the way 😉

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    1. It was a long trip, but having the ability to take successful photos while on the go was a real game-changer for me. This particular adventure was the first time out for my Nikon D7100. It constantly amazed me with its ability to capture shots that I could crop and refine. Up until this particular camera; I also experienced lots that didn’t work out. That was the best birthday gift… and there’s still so much to learn about photography ❤


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