Weekly Photo Challenge: “Intricate”


Intricate avian skin appendages provide-

the mechanics for flight, waterproofing, camouflage, insulation, communication, protection, and courtship displays.



a feather is composed of more than a million interlocking parts.


This week’s Photo Challenge: “Intricate”


      1. I though of you last Sunday in all of that rain, especially, Jane, and hope you enjoyed your trip despite it. I didn’t have the free hours I had anticipated, so everything worked out for the best. As you said of your experience a few weeks previously, one loses oneself in the tasks at hand 😉 Giant hugs, WG


    1. Yes… I appreciate this even more after reading about feathers for this post. The flight feathers on the wings are remarkable. With each surface and side engineered by nature to understand how it must behave in flight suited for that particular species. Amazing!


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