Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat

Along the Coast, one can look to sea to find objects afloat…


However, glancing skyward also reveals the illusion of remaining afloat upon the air currents above the ocean’s surface.

Gulls take the leap from ground to soaring… afloat in the sky with ease.

Man’s quest to go from ground to soaring…  afloat in the sky after a day’s worth of effort.


This week’s photo challenge: “Afloat” 



  1. Beautiful shots, Jane. And you have a new theme! I’m still stuck on my original one, and I really MUST look for another and organize my posts in a more meaningful manner.


    1. Thank you 🙂 Lola Jane.
      (BTW- Lola is my favorite name for grandmother. It has such a happy, and lovely sound to it. Lola goes beautifully with the name Jane. I am envious ❤ )

      Working on the new theme is the only level of concentration I've been able to achieve while nannying… the transfer was something that could be interrupted and picked up on again with little trouble. We are heading home tomorrow. I will miss my granddaughter terribly, but catching up with myself and the UNLESS challenge will feel good. I think this new theme will help to make accessing the challenges a bit easier. I like the "sticky note" aspect to pin the guidelines and latest challenge at the top of the blog.
      Take care-


  2. Gorgeous post, Jane. I love your plays on the idea of ‘afloat.’ The fog also floats around the entire landscape 😉 My favorite shot is of the gull, looking down towards the beach at low tide. What a beautiful place. Hope you’re well, Jane 😉 WG


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