Weekly Photo Challenge: “Fresh”

Fresh New Blooms Attract Spring Pollinators!

Official arrival time for Spring in Oregon: 3:45 PM PDT

I love seeing the pollinators back on the job…

Pacific Willow Blossoms visited by:




Can you pick out who’s who?

Dandelion visited by:  Cabbage Butterfly


Skunk Cabbage visited by:  Marsh Fly


This weeks photo challenge: “Fresh





  1. More gems, Jane. Love all of them, and pleased to see that lens getting a workout. BTW, we say 1st March is the start of autumn, but the way we are heading with warmth, it could be well past the equinox before we see any real cooling 😦


  2. Spectacular photos, Jane. So fresh, indeed. Love the first bee shot from “behind”, and the cabbage butterfly on dandelion.

    By the way, I’m still working on my next water post for Earth Friendly Friday. Research brought me to so many paths, a bit overwhelming. I finally found the correct information after visiting so many websites— akkk! I’m learning so much about water, and it will be so important as it looks like we are going into our 4th year of drought here in California.

    Have a great weekend, Jane 🙂


    1. Lola Jane-
      The River Pulse was a pretty challenging challenge. I really appreciate, and admire those who braved that one. I think an “easy” one will be going up today. Don’t you agree?
      (I highly suspect we will be in our first year of drought…)

      Watching the willow blossom visitors was a genuine treat. I was delighted by the diversity.
      Enjoy your weekend as well.

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      1. Yes, this last one was a truly tough challenge, and I consider myself fairly good at research (until now, that is). Plus I had some strange things happen on my website with a widget that I’ve had since 2011. It started redirecting my visitors to some other website with ads! That was disturbing and took time to figure out and fix. Strange week on the web for me.


  3. Such gorgeous photos of spring! I love your color scheme on this post. Wow! They are so full of FRESH energy!

    Will there be a water post today? Raining here all day and all last night- there is plenty of water here at the moment! Wish we could somehow pipe some of it west…. Best wishes, WG

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    1. Hi WG-
      Thank you for enjoying the beauty of the willow blossoms… it’s a tree I never think of as pretty with blooms until it happens! Then the enchantment of all the activity it attracts. Squirrels enjoy eating the buds. Birds find something to their liking as well; but, this one is just for the pollinators ❤

      A Earth-friendly Friday Challenge is in the making, I'm so happy you asked 😉


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      1. Willows and hazels have their place to shine in early spring. We are so happy for anything new and growing! And the landscape is still spare enough for us to notice and appreciate their beauty 😉 Hope you enjoy the weekend 😉 WG


      2. Jane, I would like to invite you to participate in the black and white photo challenge in my Monday post. Are you willing to shoot a series of 5 black and white photos? It is an unusual and challenging challenge (for me at least) but should prove interesting. Can I pass the challenge to you on Monday? Cheers! WG


        1. You are so kind to think of me, WG. I participated in this challenge earlier in the month, and agree with your comments. It was interesting to view subjects through a b & w lens. I’ll need to pass on your kind offer this time. (I’m a nanny for the little one for the next couple of weeks. Today is my first day on the job 🙂 When I get home again, I may take you up on this later.)

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          1. Jane, you told me about your trip and I let that important fact slip my memory in my eagerness to pass on the challenge. I’ll put links back to your previous B&W posts in my post tomorrow. Obviously, I’m juggling too much at the moment and the memory is not kicking in as required! Hope you enjoy your time with the little one 😉 WG


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