UNLESS…Earth-friendly Chroniclers: Challenge 7~ World Water Day- Water is a precious resource; let us count the ways

In 1993, the United Nations General Assembly designated March 22nd as World Water Day… A day to celebrate water, a day to contemplate water’s vital attributes, a day to prepare a course for individual and group solutions for water-related problems and how we manage water in the future.

Poster Credit: UN World Water Day resource

World Water Day strives to highlight a different water-related issue every year. The issue provides a foundation for the theme of the annual UN World Water Development Reports which is launched on World Water Day.

In 2015, the theme for World Water Day is ‘Water and Sustainable Development. It’s about how water links to all areas humanity needs to consider to create the future we want in terms of: health, nature, urbanization, industry, energy, food, equality.

A World Water Day photo/journal report authored by David Sim in the International Business Times caught my attention this week. It is a powerful set of photographs. The collection of images in David Sim’s article vividly demonstrate  how people perceive or experience water is not the same world-wide. David Sim’s photos carry an important message about water…”Think twice about wasting this precious resource.”

Click photo to view article by David Sims: Photos to make you think twice about wasting water.
Click photo to view article by David Sims:
Photos to make you think twice about wasting water.

I cut the following photos from Sim’s article hoping they will entice you click on the link to view his entire collage, and to create a post for this week’s week’s UNLESS… Earth-friendly challenge.

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UNLESS…Earth-friendly Challenge 7- World Water Day- Water is a precious resource; let us count the ways

Water… clean and potable is a precious resource! For this week’s challenge, appreciate water!

Celebrate the ways it impacts your life.

You can use the U.N. categories to inspire your photographs and thoughts…

Or, simply create your own celebration.

How is water precious to you?

Let us count the ways, and show appreciation by “thinking twice about wasting it.”

Please join the Challenge by sharing your photos and thoughts-

UNLESS- Someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing will get better. It’s not. From: The Lorax by Dr. Suess.
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Water Celebrations:

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  1. I’m a bit late on this, but here is my contribution http://lolako.com/unless-water-is-a-precious-resource-an-earth-friendly-friday-challenge-from-the-u-s-to-the-philippines-a-remembrance-and-how-we-take-water-for-granted/

    I hope you approve, too! 🙂 I enjoyed reading the exchange between you and Ken (who just now found my blog and left a comment on my “About” Page). I have to figure out why it refers to another website I have without content yet…instead of my Lolako.com site.

    1. Oh dear, Let me know if I need to edit a link on my blog…

      I LOVED this post. It’s great to have a “fun-to-read” real life story to illustrate how precious water really is! You are so correct… we, in the United States, do seem to take many of our natural resources for granted. It’s time we re-evaluate this tendency. I think California will help to lead the way.

            1. It’s a new adventure in my blogging experience. With that said, I think it’s off to a good start. I appreciate the posts you, Lola Jane, and Woodland Gnome are making, and everyone’s candid feedback. That will help a lot in monitoring and adjusting as we go. I know I’ve been learning so much from all of you.

              There has been a satisfactory number of “likes.” Hopefully, some of those folks are exploring past the Reader board, and come into the posts for closer looks. If that is happening, then it’s encouraging to imagine that interest in nature/earth-related issues are providing food-for-thought. I think humanity needs to be prodded in that direction more and more as we go into the future …if there is to be any hope for our species understanding the cycles that our planet depends upon for life to thrive.

              Hopefully, having the topics projected for the year based on earth-related issues will pull in more bloggers. As Lola Jane mentioned a while ago, it will be interesting to see how this plays out as we look back after the first year.

              I know some of the challenge ideas have been exactly that! Your thoughts about quality/quantity are spot-on. For me, it will be trying to maintain the integrity of meaningful/quality challenges without scaring people away. Time factor, simplicity will be elements I hope to get better at judging and building into composing the challenges. Do you think it’s ok to have some challenges “easy” and others a bit more “difficult?”

              Ken, thank you for asking about my thoughts about the response to the initiative. That means a lot.

            2. Dear Jane, I love any challenge 🙂 It is the crosswords and similar mental challenges that are supposed to delay the onset of senility 😉 Surely our blogging challenges rate on that scale. So, keep them coming. If I think they get too hard, I’ll definitely speak up but an easy one now and then will be welcome also. G&P, KenP

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