A Dream Come True!

The time for research and saving is over…

After what seems like months of reading lens reviews, getting input from other photographers,  AND saving money… I finally purchased my new  zoom lens for nature photos: a Tamron 150mm-600mm. Picked it up last evening. These are some of my first shots with no editing. Some taken during “Golden Hour” yesterday. Others this afternoon… it’s cloudy/overcast.   Not bad!


  1. We agree with De Wets Wild! THANK YOU for getting that amazing lens… we look forward to your photos 😀 Jean & Alex


    1. Thank you, Jean and Alex-
      I’m almost ready to be able to leave home with that amazing lens! I’m waiting for a bigger back pack to arrive from B&H 🙂
      (Not sure that this one will ever see the kayak… although my husband and I were joking about mounting a tripod stand on the bow, LOL)


  2. What Jim said 😉 What gorgeous detail, Jane. I love the bird’s feet in your first photo, especially, and the pollen suspended in the breeze. Have you ever noticed how much more one can SEE when the photo is loaded up on the monitor and edited? A wonderful investment 😉 congratulations! Hugs, WG

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    1. You are so right about the details! …this lens will make ordinary shots feel like looking into a microscope. All the little cob webs and things floating in the air are not possible to see at such distances until revealed by the lens! I’m feeling like a little kid at Christmas.

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  3. Such a nice lens helps…


    She who sees the wonder through that lens is more than half the formula for such wonderful photos!

    Beautiful pictures Jane!

    Don’t stop seeing the awesome nature around us!

    Jim Wilson

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      1. Jim wouldn’t be a relative by any chance, would he? I agree with all the comments above. Can’t wait to see what comes when you have grown accustomed to your new toy. If this were Facebook, I would click the ‘Like’ but that is so inadequate.


        1. No, Jim is not a relative. He is another nature enthusiast from Oregon. We met during field studies in coursework for completing requirements for Oregon State University’s Master Naturalist Program. He, and my other classmates, put up with me photographing the field trips, and writing about our experiences in my fledgling blog posts. All very kind-souled people, as you can tell from his comment 🙂

          Thank you for your kind words, as well-

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