Spring is too early at my house

While most of the United States is chilled by sub-freezing temperatures, and endures unyielding assaults by snow, sleet, and freezing rain…

The white we are seeing today in our backyard is also unprecedented and most unusual.

The Star Magnolia is blooming exactly one month earlier than in past years… with this week’s temperature well above normal.


  1. Autumn is too early down under, also, Jane. The autumn crocuses and belladonna lilies were flowering in January! But hang on, what about the leaves turning on the exotic imported maples and the like. Nup, no sign of that yet – still much too warm.

    1. Hi there DB-
      I’m delighted that this post helped you to feel all warm inside. I saw a story on the news last night about how the endless snows are affecting folks’ moods. Being snowbound for so long is no easy situation. Feel free to pick spring flowers off my posts to help you feel better as needed! <3

      (Thank you for the reblog)

      1. You’re very welcome 🙂 It’s been snowing for hours here. I was headed out when I noticed that it was coming down heavy outside. I am still hoping for a break so I can go out into the 20 degree cold. I’m about ready for spring I tell ya lol

  2. Should we see it as another sign of climate change Jane, or just an anomaly that occurs naturally from time to time? I recall our winter in 2013 was unseasonally warm almost throughout the country, and even in Golden gate Highlands National Park, where snow is normally not uncommon in winter, some trees were in full bloom in July (mid-winter for us). Winter 2014 was much more “normal” again.

    1. I wonder about that, too. I suppose it’s realistic to think that it is a symptom of climate change so as not to remain complacent about changing habits that must be altered if we have any hope of reining in the affects of man-made impacts to climate. The warm weather here is in stark contrast to frigid weather we had at this same time last year…

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