Great Backyard Bird Count: February 15, 2015

Join the Great Backyard Bird Count! February 13th – 16th

Show Birds Some Love on Valentine’s Weekend:

We enjoyed very warm, sunny weather again today.

Bird activity remained light again today.

A group of Mourning Dove enjoyed perching in one of the Red Alder trees. The collective name for doves is: “bevy”, “cote”, “dole”, “dule”, or “flight.”

Time of observation:  9:00 to noon. Location: tree/shrub line edge of wetland riparian zone. I still did not observe as many species as I expected.

This is my count: Song Sparrow- 1;  Red-breasted Sapsucker- 1; Mourning Doves- 13; Black-capped Chickadees- 3; Western Scrub Jay- 2; Anna’s Hummingbird- 2; Mallard Ducks- 6



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