Great Backyard Bird Count: February 14, 2015

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weather 2-14-15

We enjoyed very warm weather today.

Much to my astonishment, there were very few birds to be seen.

Instead of birds in the wetlands… there was an abundance of American bullfrogs. The warmth and sun caused a flourish of bulgy eyeballs to pop up just above water surfaces. Hunkered down frogs posed on the grassy banks ready to spring back to safety of water when disturbed.

American Bullfrog

Time of observation:  12:00 noon to 4:00. Location: tree/shrub line edge of wetland riparian zone. I did not observe as many species as I expected.

This is my count: Song Sparrow- 1; Belted Kingfisher- 1(not pictured);  Black-capped Chickadee- 4; Crow- 1 (not pictured), Dark-eyed Junco-2; Mourning Dove- 3; Mallard Duck-1 female.

Here are some of my observations:


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    1. I imagine this is a good point. I wonder is there is are trends in the making… the weather in the United States has be quirky. Record highs and lows… that must have consequences in the patterns of wildlife behavior. Maybe won’t be understood until several years of data can be examined to notice variations and to begin hypothesis formation…

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