UNLESS… Earth-friendly Chroniclers: Challenge 1~ Plastic

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This week’s theme asks you to think about-  PLASTIC.unwanted_plastics_2

What is a problem that PLASTIC creates where you live?

How is the problem being solved?

If it’s not being solved, what could be done to improve the situation / or provide a solution?

Please put your camera to work and add some words to create a mini-photo journalism post to share your thoughts about PLASTIC.

Some considerations might be…

How to:

  • avoid dangers plastics pose to animals,
  • decrease litter, or reduce plastic burden in landfills,
  • reuse, reduce, recycle, rethink plastics.Be sure to click the links to discover what others are doing and to share: likes, comments, feedback, encouragement, and/or ideas with other Earth-friendly bloggers.
  1. Lola Jane’s World:  Plastic trash problems in California
  2. Just Another Nature Enthusiast: Plastic Single-use Bag Problem
  3. An Evolving Scientist: Reusable bags in Australia
  4. Native Leaf: Plastic trash in our oceans – marine ropes and fish nets
  5. Musings on Whatever: Plastic-perspective of an environmentalist in the Philippines


    1. Ken, please, take the time you need and wait for the challenge that catches your interest. I appreciate that you are keeping an eye on this and plan to participate.

      Perhaps this week, you wouldn’t mind sharing a little feed back about how the posting looked to you as a viewer. Re: format, length, content, etc.

      There were two posts by me, as you noted… the challenge as well as my response to my own challenge 🙂 I debated about how to handle that aspect and decided to follow the motto I had when I was teaching. I routinely shared this thought with my students, “I will not ask you to do any assignment that I wouldn’t be willing to also do myself.” I felt like that created a level of accountability not to ask mundane or meaningless things of them- to keep learning relevant and useful. Hopefully that rationale will carry through with this project 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Lola Jane, for being the very FIRST PARTICIPANT on the UNLESS… challenge!!!

      I encourage other readers to click on the link to your post. You have presented a thoughtful, and well-researched article about the single-use plastic bag problem in California. The facts and examples you share tell what people in California are doing about solving a plastics problem … however, the actions and reactions are ones that relate to people globally.

      Oh… I do hope we can make a difference … I am encouraged and inspired by your positive response, as I sure others will be as well. ❤


      Liked by 1 person

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