Weekly Photo Challenge- Shadowed in Outer Space


Searching through layers of shadowed space to locate a moving 4th magnitude object is no easy task.

My camera lens peered through a thinly-shadowed atmosphere of the Earth… aperture and time pushing aside clouds and cosmic objects that played hide-and-go-seek with the Lovejoy Comet.

Chilled fingers, failed photos, and shadowed by doubt were not reasons to quit!!!

Determination and a Lovejoy Comet map proved to be keys to success.

Shadowed in Outer Space… orbiting between constellations I now can find and name… is the Lovejoy Comet.

Clad in dusty, greenish glow… caused by ionized molecules of cyanogen and diatomic carbon.

Lovejoy gave itself away- no longer shadowed in outer space!

This is the “big picture” of Lovejoy’s stellar neighborhood (click for larger view)

This is the “intimate shot” of Lovejoy: Cropped from the photo pictured above. (Lightroom 5)

This week’s Photo Challenge: “Shadowed

Science behind this post: Sky & Telescope- How To See Comet Lovejoy


  1. We just found Comet Lovejoy last night, with binoculars, standing on the dock at the marina in La Cruz. Tired neck, as it was almost overhead. Will dig out the tripod and try for a shot tonight away from the dock lights.


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