Weekly Photo Challenge: “Yellow”

Winter celebrations usually include sweet treats. Yellow reminds me of the Honeybees who labor during the warmer months of the year to produce the honey that sweetens many of the traditional breads, cakes, and cookies we enjoy during our winter-time holidays. Bounties of fruit that grace our tables are also the results of bees pollinating trees in the springtime. 

Thinking of gifts? Don’t forget to feel grateful for the gifts we receive that aren’t necessarily purchased. Mother Nature’s gifts surround us. I took some time out from “getting ready” for Christmas this afternoon to sit on a bench in a nature reserve. The yellow sun, scattered few remaining yellow leaves, and yellowish-brown bark of Douglas fir trees were some of the best presents I can imagine. Try finding similar gifts near you… it may be a pleasant surprise to realize just how great they can make you feel.


Here is the entrance to a hive of non-commercial  Honeybees.

This time of year the entrance is empty… awaiting the return of “Yellow.” The swarm returns each spring to this Western Cedar Tree in our nature reserve.


This week’s Photo Challenge: “Yellow.”


  1. How could it be that I never realized that honey is the colour of the bees themselves?

    On a more prosaic note, how far do bees migrate? And would it be wise to duck as the flock flies overhead?

    Merry Christmas! Good for you for seeking out gifts from Mother Nature.


    1. I don’t know how far they migrate, but I don’t think they all go… many probably die. Perhaps someone with beekeeping background will help us out here!

      I haven’t necessarily ducked when the swarms comes, but standing still… they don’t seem to mind.

      Happiest of New Year’s to you, Dandyknife!


  2. I have been a little stressed this holiday season (even though my family is pretty good about having a low-stress holiday), and I really benefited from your reminder to just go out and be in Nature and think about all those gifts of life — I felt calmer just reading it! So thank you!


    1. Hello Textile Ranger-
      I am so happy that this post had a calming effect! Please forgive my delayed reply. It was our first Christmas with a grandchild!!! That is another way to de-stress during the holiday… rock a baby in your arms 🙂

      I wish you a calm and peaceful New Year ❤


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