Weekly Photo Challenge: “Cover Art”


“The Artist’s Easel”

The Easel-
patient friend
of his master…
the Artist.
Held steadfast 91 years
without criticism
as oil, watercolor
flowed from the man’s
heart and soul
to canvas. 
The Paintings-
obedient sentinels 
of their master…
the Artist.
Preserve his memories
with reverence
as they hang timeless
in galleries,
on walls.
Treasured by
those who love
the Artist…
“Cover Art”
In loving remembrance of my father-in-law
who created volumes of art in his lifetime…

This week’s Photo Challenge: Cover Art


  1. “…oil, watercolor
    flowed from the man’s
    heart and soul
    to canvas.”

    Beautiful. I love the painting – such life and humor.

    My heart aches for you missing him, but such lovely pieces of his heart he left you.


    1. Thank you, Tina. The topic for the challenge was so timely. Pulling together thoughts for this photo lead to a collection of photos and memories to write my shared-with-family tribute to one of the most creative people I’ve ever known. What a blessing that he was my father-in-law ❤


  2. what a poignant post. so sorry to hear of your loss. i always enjoy sheep/lamb related art & photography. this is such a beautiful piece, and the light-hearted title makes it even more endearing. how wonderful that this was presented to you. thanks for sharing.


  3. I’m sorry to hear about your father-in-law’s passing, Jane. As soon as I saw the age, I remembered your lovely earlier post about him and guessed who you were writing about. My condolences.


    1. Thank you, Dandyknife, for your kindness and compassion. He was a dear person, and a remarkably talented man.
      The painting on the easel is titled, “Ewe Looking at You.” A sense of humor that you would have appreciated 🙂
      It was one of his last major pieces. Last year, when we visited to celebrate his 90th birthday, he left me speechless when he gave it to me. ❤ I feel very blessed.

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  4. Jane, I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your father-in-law. As soon as I saw your comment on my blog, I had to see your tribute to your loved one. I hope that his funeral was filled with these beautiful paintings. They also bring forth the light and life of a remarkable artist.


    1. I believe you are right, Janet. The more I look at this post, the more my heart fills with his memory. The empty chair fills my eyes with tears. He was a most amazing artist… he studied at the Royal Academy in Belfast. He used techniques that are reminiscent of those used by the Old World masters.
      I would love to see the book you suggested in print some day…


      1. We have art genes in our family. My uncle’s a professional and well-known watercolor artist, Gerald Brommer, and our younger daughter’s at art school in Philadelphia. Seems to have passed me by, unfortunately!


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