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Ivory Crush

Like most of you, I love elephants and am heartsick with knowledge of the suffering and murder African Elephants undergo. A Tweet caught my eye this evening asking for help to spread awareness of a campaign sponsored by the United States Fish and Wildlife service called “Ivory Crush.” My blog is for “nature’s sake” and in that spirit, I feel compelled to pass this information along. Please watch the videos, and help if you can.

African elephants are in peril due to poaching, illegal ivory trade, and increasing rates of habitat loss.

In protest of illegal ivory trade, the U.S. fish and Wildlife Service crushed about six tons of confiscated elephant ivory last year.

I directly cut the following information from the USFWS website to support a request to assist in raising public awareness:

About the Ivory Crush

Photo- USFWS
Photo- USFWS

“In November 2013, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service crushed approximately six tons of elephant ivory that it had confiscated over the past 25 years. The crush kicked off our increased efforts to raise awareness of the illegal wildlife trade and to reduce demand for illegal ivory. Since then, we have seen significant progress on this issue. In addition to tightened domestic restrictions on ivory, governments such as Hong Kong, France and China are showing much needed support by destroying some or all of their ivory stockpiles, and some major global retailers are vowing to stop selling ivory completely.

To build on the momentum of the crush, we have a unique opportunity to utilize the roughly 40 cubic feet of gravel-sized crushed ivory to create an education and awareness campaign that will further reduce the demand for ivory and other illegal wildlife products and ultimately protect wildlife from senseless killing and illegal trade.”

If you have an idea how to use the ivory to support this campaign- click this link for further information and an entry form.
The deadline for submissions is December 31, 2014.

I urge all who visit this post to watch the imbedded videos.

Addendum to this post:

A few more articles related to the elephant crisis remind me that one cannot always base an opinion on one set of information alone. This link leads to a related page with further thoughts.


  1. When I was I little girl, movies about elephants slaughtered for their ivory were already a call for humanity. Until now, we still have to face this terrible fact that elephants keep being hunted down. I wanna take a stand side by side with other people who care about nature. Thanks for this post!


    1. Thank you for sharing your concern,Khanhhoa. I believe awareness is a first step to change. Elephants- such beautiful beasts are so far from my home, and I feel so helpless. Sharing information and passing on awareness seems like such a small thing… but if it lights a spark for people who are closer to the problems to assist in effecting changes… that is a good thing. I hope…

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  2. That was a bold move by the USFWS. I hope it doesn’t backfire and drive up the price of blackmarket goods. But the message that the government can live without taking financial advantage of an unethical stockpile is a good one.


    1. Yes- this was a bold move. I read a couple of articles on e360 (Yale University) today that will be incorporated into a sister post to this one. I’m wondering if the move by USFWS is meant to mask a much larger problem in our country regarding legal ivory importation practices and law enforcement.



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