Weekly Photo Challenge: “Signs”


This week’s Challenge provides an opportunity
to promote
Responsible stewardship practices
users of marine waters world-wide
must adopt…
Advocate in your part of the ocean eco-system
for ways 
to prevent or curtail
spread of invasive species 
dumping of marine-animal-strangling fishing lines
and organism-harming debris
into oceans, bays, and estuaries
Photo Challenge for this week: “Signs

Related Resources:

Marine Debris Impacts-  http://water.epa.gov/type/oceb/marinedebris/md_impacts.cfm

Ten Things You Should Know About Marine Debris– http://oceanservice.noaa.gov/hazards/marinedebris/


    1. Janet, good to know that signs are in place. I’m more and more convinced that awareness is an important first step in changing nature-harming practices.

      Funny, my husband is watching one of those bass-catching competitions on TV. The ad is for “Mighty Bite” a silicon bait fish that looks, tastes, and sounds like a wounded bait fish…
      I asked why not just use a real bait fish… less impacting to nature if left behind. He said that real bait is not allowed in the competition. How insane is that?!


      1. Jane, the impact affects the turtles. One of the largest arribadas ( turtle arrivals) occurs on a beach called La Flor. Beach debris, old fishing nets, and other garbage can trap the turtles trying to make their entrance onto the beach to lay their eggs. Plus, then when the baby turtles hatch, they have to make their way out to the ocean through garbage, old nets, and many predators. Few of them survive the treacherous journey.


        1. Are there any organized beach clean-up days in Nicaragua? If manpower is limited, how good would it be if beach clean-ups could be organized to coincide with the arribadas and breeding season.

          Stop Nicaraguan Arribadas Pollution = SNAP There you go Debbie, your new mission 😉


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