Oregon State Parks: Beachside

Tucked between the roadside and the Pacific Ocean swash zone… this jewel of a campground is located on the piece of Highway 101 that runs a few miles south of Waldport and north of Yachats, Oregon.  I call this park a “jewel” because it is the only Oregon State Park with a row of campsites right on the beach and others only a hop, skip, and a jump away from the sand.

Imagine, having a beach-front view of the Pacific Ocean from your RV. It’s possible at Beachside State Park.  This picture-perfect beach scenery is what we enjoyed from our window while seated at the table in our camper.


Although our stay in site #68 was particularly delightful, other sites located on the beach row are just as special. View the slideshow to see some of my other favorites. These campsites all amazing… with fantastic views of the ocean and beach:


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Honestly, I think the beach-front sites are the most alluring, but if a reservation for one is not available when you plan your visit, don’t let that keep you away.

This is a great little campground. My only concern would be for tent-campers. Some of the tent sites seem rather close to Highway 101 and are shielded from the road by only a belt of trees and shrubbery. Those who travel with pets and children should take that into consideration when selecting a site:  Beachside Park Brochure.


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Did you happen to notice the plants in the park? Take a look at the way native Twinberry shrubbery, Beach Pine, Douglas Fir, and Salal help to provide natural screens between campsites. We appreciated the way this feature helped to provide a feeling of privacy and a sense that the neighbors were not too close.


Entry to the beach for all campsites is made on easily accessed trails. Climbing over the dunes from campsites is not possible due to dune restoration efforts.

We noticed a new sign on the way to the beach. Did you know all Oregon State Parks and Recreation areas are smoke-free? It’s another pro-environment step our state has elected to take. Not sure you agree? Take a look at these facts:  Smoke Free Oregon


Have you ever taken note how beaches along the Oregon Coast are pocketed between rocky headlands?

Each distinctly isolated geological beach pocket is what geologists call a littoral cell. In fact, there are eighteen littoral cells that make up the coast of Oregon. Beachside State Park is located in the Newport Cell that stretches between Yaquina Head and Cape Perpetua. Seasonal shifts in ocean wave action determine long- and short-term shoreline changes created by sands either being eroded away from the beach or added to it. The long, sandy shoreline formed here provides beach-goers a perfect location for kite-flying, beach combing, walking, gazing at sunsets, and watching shore and sea birds.


When planning visits to the Oregon Coast, I remind myself that the immense beauty we experience is the result of tectonically active forces that have been at work for tens of millions of years. And… those forces are still at work just off shore where the oceanic Juan de Fuca plate collides with and is subducted under the continental North American plate. Geologists believe the potential exists for an eventual off-shore earthquake along the subduction zone that could produce a major tsunami.

With that in mind, my husband and I have formed a new habit when planning beach trips. We consult our tsunami resources to see if there are any advisories. On a recent camping trip, there actually was an advisory that resulted from a quake up in Alaska. Upon checking in at the Ranger Station, we inquired, were told that park personnel were keeping watch, and learned how evacuation would be staged in case of an event. Never hurts to be prepared.

Please click on image for link to: TSUNAMI INFORMATION

Helpful links:

Beachside State Recreation Site
Address: 5960 SW Pacific Coast Hwy, Waldport, OR 97394
Phone:(541) 563-3220
Oregon State Parks- Brochures and Maps

More Oregon State Parks:

Alsea Bay Bridge Interpretive Center

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  1. Did you know that the most popular Oregon State Park campsite is Beachside site number 63? Beachside closes for the season Oct. 31, so everyone has a little more than a month to enjoy the park until it re-opens March 15, 2015.


  2. Here’s a bumper sticker idea: “The Oregon coast: littoral-y beautiful.”

    I really like your second-last photo of the kite fliers and the line of cloud echoing the rock formation.


  3. We are on the same stretch, Jane…. So sorry we didn’t find one another. Tonight I pack up. Did you break camp before the fog rolled in? What amazing sunsets this weekend! My photos will be up soon. Best wishes, E


    1. It sounds like you had a terrific stay on the coast. Those sunsets are pretty incredible. I always end up taking way to many photos as the sun sinks into the Pacific 😉

      It will be fun to meet you. I wasn’t as close this time as this post may hint, however. This story is about a visit to this campground we actually made at the beginning of August. I’m a little behind in posting because we’ve been out of town for a couple of weeks helping after the birth of our first grandchild. What a joy she is ❤

      When you visit LC again, perhaps we can find a Starbucks?



      1. Jane, that sounds fantastic! I met another blogging friend at the Wildflower Grill in LC this time, and we had a great visit. You might enjoy that spot, too. The purpose of my trip was to meet my first grandchild, born back in mid-January. I was there for her 8 mo. birthday, and we celebrated at the aquarium in Newport. I just flew home yesterday, and am finally downloading the photos 😉 stay tuned….

        I’ll let you know when we next head to the Pacific coast 😉

        Best wishes, WG


        1. Excellent!
          I like the Oregon Aquarium. One of our Master Naturalist classes was held there. We had a behind the scenes tour which was very impressive. Our classroom was on the other side of the public aquarium’s walk through water tunnel.. a wall of the classroom was glass that allowed us to see through the tank. We could see the fish as well as the people watching them. (I’m not sure if the public could see us as well!) Can you imagine having a classroom like that?!


          1. What an amazing idea for a classroom! I would love to see the “behind the scenes” tour. We were impressed with the quality and ingenuity of the exhibits. Lots of money and brainpower invested in this terrific resource for the community. I was too busy watching the fish to notice a classroom beyond- what a great effect that must be! I’m still wondering where the tanks are open to the air and sunshine- I love the wave action in so many of the tanks, and the simulation of natural processes in the shallow pools out of doors. My daughter bought a season ticket for the family prior to my visit, and I’m sure she will be returning as often as they’re able. Best wishes, WG


  4. What a wonderful destination Jane!

    The campsite looks exquisite, and I for one love the idea that smoking is prohibited; because it lessens the chance of runaway fires from carelessly discarded cigarette buds and matches, and from a health perspective, especially when camping with children.


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