Weekly Photo Challenge: “Dialogue”

Tucked under the trees

in a campground near Gig Harbor, Washington

Is a most unusual RV.


At first glance, this fifth wheel appeared to resemble any of the thousand others I’ve seen in campgrounds.

 But what I noticed upon turning the bend on the roadway inspired a   l o n g e r … second look.


The unexpected gallery of images, statuary, and knickknacks

caused me to break a code of common courtesy…

and, I began to stare.



All sides of the RV are whimsically  embellished with “Objects de dialogue.” Could this be a new genre of art?

Robust conversation-starters are mounted  permanently on the sides of this travel trailer. The artist, a gentleman named Eric, told me he installs objects with “stronger than Liquid Nails” glue.




None of the pieces are removed for travel. All stay in place at campgrounds and on the road.

Come rain or shine, interstate or back-roads and byways… Eric’s imaginative collections stand ready to launch dialogue amongst  themselves and with curious travelers passing by.



The potential for engaging conversational exchanges erupts all over this most unusual RV.

You are invited to imagine any two of my photographs next to each other, and to discover how

 each photograph opens up meanings that weren’t there when viewed alone.

I wonder what will your choices say to one another?

What will they say to you?

… will you answer back?

This week’s  WordPress  Photo Challenge is: Dialogue


    1. Tina-
      I think that is what made this RV such an interesting surprise! The oddity of finding little treasures pasted on something that is transported on highways was a rather weird experience, and not something one would expect to find in an RV resort. That’s why it was so intriguing to me. The owner is a very likable man who was delighted when I asked if it was ok to take photographs. In fact, he walked me around the trailer and pointed out where he thought dialogues would be likely to occur. For a moment, he was excited to think that I might be a famous photographer who could in turn make him famous. His enthusiasm did not wane when I broke the news that I am not famous, but would enjoy sharing photos of the unique RV in this week’s WordPress photo challenge. This post was a lot of fun to write 🙂 I hope he will like the story!

      Liked by 1 person

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