Weekly Photo Challenge: “Silhouette”

Mount Hood, highest peak in Oregon

Cascade Mountains stratovolcano.

More than 500,000 years old…

Formed by subduction zone 

forces off Pacific coast.

Potentially active

Majestically lingers in a geological

Silhouette of time.

Mount Hood

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge: Silhouette

 Science behind this post:

USGS Geology and History Summary for Mount Hood

Mount Hood—History and Hazards of Oregon’s Most Recently Active Volcano


  1. Enjoyed both of your entries on this one Jane – especially this one since we were just there earlier this month. Love how Mt. Hood dominates the sky out there, you’ve captured it beautifully.


    1. Thank you, Tina.
      Happy you’ve been out this way ❤

      I was rather lucky on this particular shot. We were on the home stretch from a six state road trip. This was after the decision to just keep pushing after a long day of driving… since we "were so close."

      It's a happy surprise when shots from the moving car window turn out so well.



  2. love the that first instant when Mt. Hood comes into view on the way to Portland….can’t imagine living with that kind of a view all the time!


    1. Thanks so much! I think I’ve had a love for this mountain ever since I saw it for the first time when we moved to Oregon 42 years ago. In fact, a view of Mount Hood was a factor in deciding which apartment we selected way back then! My husband and I both grew up outside of Philadelphia and had never seen a volcano before! She is a (sleeping) beauty!

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