Weekly Photo Challenge: “Texture”

not of plant
not of animal
unique and separate life forms…
the living body of fungus
tiny filaments called hyphae
usually lay hidden in soil, wood, food source
their textures 
remain unseen 
until fruiting bodies appear
mushrooms, puffballs, truffles, brackets, cups

Organisms with power to
decompose dead organic matter, cause disease, make bread-wine-beer,
make drugs, flavoring,vitamins, and enzymes


not of plant
not of animal
unique and separate lifeforms.
Texture seen only in fruit of the organism.

Science behind this post:
University of Utah: We find fungi so fascinating that we wanted to share some fun facts about fungi with you. Fungi both cure and cause disease. They determine what plants grow in your yard and in forests, and keep us from being buried in waste. Some fungi taste great –others can kill you!  
Fun Facts about Fungi

This weeks WordPress Photo Challenge is: Texture


    1. Thank you, Liz.
      I like this choice too, and learned new facts in the process. It was interesting to find out that fungi are in a Kingdom of their own. Apparently they were listed in the Plant Kingdom for a long time even though they have been found to have a closer relation to animals.


  1. hey nice photos and cool idea. Photo tip, If your camera has manual mode shoot in that. Also turn off flash. It has a tendency t wash out a lot of colors and cast strange shadows. use a tripod and set up the image for a longer exposure.You will get better quality photos.

    Keep photographing!


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