1. Liked the colours and the sunshine peeking in between the zucchini leaves in this photo, not to mention the fact that you will actually have a harvest. I have tried planting pumpkin and squash with no luck so hats off to you, and of course: happy Summer!


    1. Must agree with you! This year, we have both green and yellow. Actually, I didn’t know about the yellow variety until the end of a practical joke…

      My husband planted the yellow variety… didn’t say anything or label the plant. I watered, waited, and then noticed that all plants were setting green zucchinis …except for one. I was worried the plant might have a virus, but decided to be patient thinking it would green-up closer to picking size. When it reached picking size and still hadn’t changed color…
      I was informed that it is a yellow zucchini.
      That joke was entirely on me.
      Can you tell I’m not a farm girl?!

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      1. Your husband sounds like the same kind of jokester that I am. My sense of humor is so dry that many times people miss my jokes. I was not raised on a farm either but my parents and other relitives were so I grew up learning from the stories. My Uncle Al had the funniest stories!


  2. Zucchini! My favorite! Thanks for the delicious recipes. Oh, I just read your comment above. We’ve tried zucchini strips instead of noodles for a lasagna and it was fabulous. I wish we could grow zucchini here. The bugs eat them right down to the roots.


  3. My f-i-l used to grow them as big as baseball bats and then try to give them away. No one really wanted any that large, although you can use them for zucchini bread. I’ve seen recipes for using them as noodles but never tried any of them.



    1. Yes! Those were the first two to ripen about a week ago.
      I just came in from the garden with numbers 9 and 10. And, we are only just beginning!
      Today I making more zucchini bread to freeze. Also want to try out a zucchini lasagna recipe where long slices of zucchini are used in place of pasta noodles. We’ll see how that one goes…


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