1 Day 1 World: 10:00-11:00 PM

The inspiration was…

To take a photo of the Supermoon, and the faded light cast behind the Coast Range…


But the true stars of the evening were…


A family of young raccoon kits lead on night patrol by their mother. Seen heading down to the wetland edge of our front yard. These little ones were probably about to learn how to catch bullfrogs.

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    1. Yes, Liz. It is rather remarkable to watch a raccoon catch and eat those invasive bullfrogs. Last summer, I had the opportunity of being unnoticed by one of the local raccoons as it consumed one. At one point in time, I may have “felt sorry” for the frog as it was pulled apart. Putting aside anthropomorphic thinking takes practice… but necessary for having a truer understanding/appreciation for wildlife. Don’t you think?


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