The Gálapagos of the Indian Ocean (reblog)

I am reblogging this post because the last paragraph ties with the post I wrote for World Oceans Day. In that piece, I invited others to look to the ocean and to identify something that was noticed that aroused CONCERN.


In my gaze to the ocean, I raised concern about the sustainability of ocean fish and highlighted a study done about IUU fishing. I wonder if cruise ships allowing passengers to fish under the cover of darkness in protected Marine Parks is yet another human activity of concern…


When you click to view GG’s post, scroll to the end to find this paragraph. It’s the one that captured my attention:


“From Mahé we travel to St. Anne Island where we will enjoy dinner and spend our first night onboard. We have a short briefing before dinner and one of the passengers asks if there will be any fishing. The cruise coordinator replies that fishing is not allowed, as we are in a protected Marine Park. To my surprise he then adds that when it is dark, if there are no boats around, they may fish off the back of the boat.”

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