“1 Day 1 World” 4:00 – 5:00

Late Afternoon Walk in the Woods
We decided to veer off the nature trail to wander through the woods. At the top of a wooded hill stood this tired looking tree. Upon closer inspection, the initials of others who sauntered off the path were etched where bark had once been.
My husband and I studied the archives. As I turned to continue the stroll in the forest, Ed lagged behind, crouched down to the ground.
Naturally, I doubled back to see what he was examining… only to find him, Swiss Army knife in hand, busy carving our initials into the gallery.

With the soft adoring eyes I have loved for forty-two years of marriage, he smiled at me… and said…

❤   “Happy Anniversary…”   ❤

1 day 1 hour_4:00-5:00



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  1. Came across your post on Lisa’s blog for the 1 Day 1 World Project this morning. I did this same thing but in a tub of new margarine (I have to admit I have a difficult time with carving stuff in trees but that is just me). A very cool thing for you husband to do on your anniversary.


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