Taking a peek at what’s happening on a nice day down at the pond…

Nootka Roses blooming on the banks of a local pond create a lovely gateway to the water’s edge where Yellow Water-lilies sprinkle the surface with patches of brilliant green and yellow.

Exposed and submerged logs provide platforms for all kinds of activity on the shores of a pond. The Western Pond Turtle seems satisfied just kicking back. While a female Cowbird takes an energetic bird bath. Across the pond,  mother Mallard seizes an opportunity to rest while her ducklings are corralled under the watch of a team of close by sentinels. 


Other Mallards, and Red-winged Blackbirds chose stumps as good locations to hang out for a while.

But, a most popular thing to do at a pond is to go for a swim as demonstrated by ducks and nutria.


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