Learning About Nature: Conifer Trees

Conifer Trees

  • Read through the entire post… then click on the Douglas Fir image below.
  • You will be linked to website: Northwest Conifers.
  • The information on this website is necessary for completing the following activity.
  • Find out about coniferous trees by exploring information on the Northwest Conifers website,
  • Go outside and see how many conifers you can find, try to identify them,
  • Describe at least 3 concepts about the conifer trees you selected,
  • Share your Conifer Trees discoveries in the-
    • “Comments start conversation. Please share your thoughts-” box below.


Link to  Northwest Conifers: A Guide to Conifers of the Pacific Northwest

One comment

  1. Ken’s website was very helpful. The organization of conifers and their description clues really made identification a fun and easy process. Our wifi signal is strong enough that we were able to take the iPad outside and use the Northwest Conifer information real-time 🙂

    3-Concepts about Conifers my Husband and I shared during our Conifer Observations:
    1.Douglas Fir and Western Cedar are low-elevation conifers that are growing on our property.
    2.There is also a pine tree with bundles of 5 needles that are about 3 inches long. That lead my husband and me to select Western Pine or Whitebark Pine as possible identifications. There have been no pinecones produced for us to measure, however the bark is light gray so Whitebark Pine could be the species, however our elevation is wrong. We’ll need to check in with Ken on this one.
    3.We looked more closely at the Douglas Fir and Western Cedar to observe the male pollen cones. The pollen cones on the Douglas Fir seem to begin to form on branches located at the middle of the tree on up to the top. Pollen cones on the Western Cedar seem to form on branches at all levels of the tree.


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