“On the Move” Naturally

Some, like this Eastern Fox Squirrel, are on the move swinging and leaping from limb-to-limb.

While others, like this Mallard family, choose to paddle their way about.

Then there are those who are slower while on the move. Like this Robust Lancetooth snail.

But, I think the truly remarkable ones on-the-move

are those like a Great Blue Heron, Bumblebee or Red-winged Blackbird,

who take to the sky in flight.


    1. Wow! What a GREAT comment to find as the first one of the day. I ❤ ❤ ❤ that you liked the collection.

      The weekend has been wonderful so far. Visited a couple of nearby ponds and got some nice shots that I'll work on posting after breakfast. Also pretty rainbow weather yesterday- shared one on Instagram.

      Hope you had a good walk spot this weekend 🙂


  1. …unless it’s a midnight, four-hour Air Canada flight in which the seats don’t tilt back. Humankind can never replace nature, but only mimic it, and poorly at that. 🙂


    1. 🙂 Sometimes I bet he wishes he did have wings. When a branch is missed, these poor little guys land on the ground, feet up, winded and dazed… until… they see a human looking down … then it’s quick to the feet and fast scurry back up the tree to give the leaps another go!!


    1. Two attributes that we don’t often pair with a snail… patience and close observation. Indeed, I was fascinated watching this little critter, but even more fascinated by what I learned about its behavior-https://justanothernatureenthusiast.org/2014/05/10/robust-lancetooth/


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