1 Day 1 World Project: Noon hour

Tillamook Bay – ODFW Mobile Museum

During the noon hour, our Oregon Master Naturalist cadre assembled at a pull off along Tillamook Bay. Against the backdrop of the bay and immersed in Oregon North Coast rainy climate, we learned about the shellfish that live in the intertidal and subtidal zones of the bay. An expert from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife shared a plethora of information as he pulled artifacts from his marine museum on wheels. We examined a variety of shellfish and plant specimens and learned details about their ecology, and role in the recreational shellfish industry.

To participate in the I Day 1 World Project please click on this link:



  1. Nifty! They’ve taken a page (as it were) from public libraries, but instead of a bookmobile it’s a Tillamookmobile.


    1. So true! It was a delightful surprise. It was a hit with our class of adults… I have a feeling it’s even more intriguing to groups of children. The barrel of clam shovels and rakes makes me suspect there’s an element of engaging hands-on beach instruction as well!


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