“Spring” Weekly Photo Challenge 2

Mallard Ducklings

These little Mallards are out for an explore on a beautiful spring afternoon here at Beaver Willows nature habitat. This time of year, it is always exciting to see the ducklings emerge through the grasses under the watchful eyes of their parents. In the natural surroundings, ducklings must learn to forage for themselves and to be alert for predators: hungry herons, hawks, and bullfrogs.

We are fortunate that this stock of Mallard ducks is not “domesticated”…  these ducks startle when humans are on the scene and do not come swimming looking for a toss of bread crust. This photo was taken behind the cover of willow limbs.


  1. What a great picture. I love it! Just to let you know I’m working on several Mallard pictures to post up, but mine do not have the little ducklings. They are lovely birds.


  2. Oh no, not the bullfrogs again!
    I’ve seen a photo somewhere, of a heron gulping down a bird, but I think it was a songbird. Brr.


    1. I used to admire the symbolism of the Great Blue Heron: self-determination, self-reliance, stability, patience… however, when that comes at the expense of gulping down baby birds… symbolism falls apart in the face of food-chains. Bullfrogs, I’ve never been a fan of those bad boys.


    1. Yes, and we were so relieved to see this little group because the Great Blue Heron has been patrolling the area. I used to love spotting the Herons until we saw one gulp down a duckling. Even though it’s part of the food chain… still upsetting to watch…


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