Stories the rocks tell …

Join Oregon Master Naturalist Students-
Click on the Sea-green links under each photo to access Geologic Stories!
They are the ones told on a  field trip to the North Coast Beaches of Oregon, February 22, 2014.
Shared by Geologist Guides: Robert J. Lillie, PhD., Alan Niem, PhD., and Thomas Horning, Registered Engineering Geologist 
 Big Ideas inside the Stories-
    • Dynamic Earth processes formed the North Oregon Coast landscapes,
    • Continuing subduction leads to earthquakes and earth movement,
    • Distant and local tsunamis can impact the Oregon coast,
    • Study of past geological processes help us better understand and prepare for and minimize risk of geological hazards,
    • Knowledge of geology and Earth processes can help people to better appreciate the biology, ecology, and human history of the Oregon coast when making choices about managing the natural resources of the Oregon Coast.


Hug Point


Silver Point

20140222-DSC_5566 - Version 9

Ecola State Park

Sedimentation Neawanna Estuary

Neawanna/ Necanicum Estuary


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