“Abandoned” Weekly Photo Challenge

Derelict in Lime,Oregon – Foreman’s House and Cement Plant

We passed this plant during travels last fall. This information is from Wikipedia, a small bit of history-

Lime is an unincorporated community in Baker County, Oregon, United States, five miles north of Huntington on U.S. Route 30/Interstate 84. It is near the confluence of Marble Creek and the Burnt River on the Union Pacific Railroad. The Oregon Trail passes through Lime.

Lime post office was established in 1899 and closed in 1964. In 1940, the community had a population of 18.

The deposits of limestone in the area were manufactured into lime that supplied a large area of Eastern Oregon and western Idaho. The Acme Cement Plaster Company built a plant at Lime in 1916 to produce plaster.The Sun Portland Cement Company bought the plant in 1921 and built another facility for producing Portland cement. In 1926, the company merged with Oregon Portland Cement Company fromPortland.

By the 1960s, the Lime facility produced 1,200,000 barrels a year. As the nearby limestone deposits were depleted, limestone was brought from the Nelson area near Durkee. A new plant was built at Nelson in 1979 and the facility at Lime was closed in 1980. Oregon Portland Cement Company merged with the Ash Grove Cement Company in 1983.(cut from source – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lime,_Oregon


    1. True, and for folks who once worked at the plant and lived in Lime, it’s a sad reminder of failure. Failed resources and ultimately a failed town. Story has it that when the cafe in Lime finally closed, the town lost its last means of support. There was no longer a place for travelers to exit the Interstate for a meal and it became a ghost town.


    1. True, but they do tell stories… until the point that nature finally wears them down.

      I’d prefer the derelict buildings to the abandoned cars, trucks, machinery, etc. that is dumped or left in heaps in many landscapes. Those are real eyesores; often just laziness or apathy that proper disposal hasn’t occurred.


    1. I was like you… until… my husband very generously gave me a Nikon D7100 for my birthday. I was astonished by the photos I was able to take as a passenger while moving at Interstate speeds!! (and can crop without the amount of distortion you’d expect.) Pretty cool…


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