Inspired by Clean Water Services Nursery

My “Treasure” Photo Challenge entry (Feb. 14,2014)  was inspired by a visit to a unique plant nursery. You are invited to learn more about this forward-thinking plant program offered by my community’s water treatment commission, Clean Water Services, located in Washington County, Oregon.

Click on the photo to connect with “Featured Place” – Clean Water Services Nursery-



  1. Hello Jane, I just followed your blog, I thought I’d done that already. Nikk and I were members of Tualatin Riverkeepers, TRK, for many years, one of the board members was an engineer at CWS. I also used to take students to Clean Water Services to learn about water chemistry when I taught chemistry at LOHS. It’s wonderful that you got so many native plants there! Will enjoy pictures of your new plantings as they settle in and the birds start checking them out.


    1. Hello Jan, What a small world it can be! If we travel in your tracks… starting at the Tualatin… will we eventually end up following a more sea-worthy path??!!

      In the meantime, it will be fun providing a lens back to the Northwest. The high waters are beginning to subside; with a drying-out trend in the forecast. We may have the plants in next week.

      Thanks for the follow 🙂

      (I used to take my students out to Jackson Bottom…I wonder if our paths ever crossed…)


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