“Treasure” Weekly Photo Challenge

– Native Plants –
For Clean Water Enhancement
This was the best Valentines’ Day Gift- 
our Clean Water Services Utility offers free native plants 
to property owners that live within 100 feet of a stream or wetland.
We visited the native plant nursery this morning…
now we have new editions for Beaver Willows Nature Habitat Park:
Pacific Crabapple
Mock Orange
Ocean Spray
Link- Clean Water Services


  1. Your water utility certainly deserves a valentine — what a brilliant move on their part!
    Nice coniferous text, by the way.


      1. Oh, don’t get me wrong, we do have plenty of deciduous trees in Australia (and a couple in our garden :), and, of course, they are sold in nurseries. However, they (oaks, elms, maples, stone fruits, grapes and the like) have all been introduced since settlement in 1788. Short of recommending you buy a book, the following is quite a good site to view many of our natives http://asgap.org.au/gallery.html.
        We have some exotics for the flower arranger in the household, but we have a lot of natives in our suburban garden to attract the native birds, and we also use them in arrangements.


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