“Juxtaposition (2)” Weekly Photo Challenge

Juxtaposition: two objects placed side by side for comparison or contrast

The beavers living in Glencoe Swale are very industrious. Last October, willow limbs were gathered and cleverly placed in a large storm pipe (second photo, lower left) that prevents flooding during our rainy season. As the jam increased, so did the waters behind the beaver engineering project.

Once waters hit a critical level, Public Works faced the task of removing the debris. When mechanical means failed, a professional dive team was brought in to remove the submerged branches from the pipe.

The juxtaposed photos above show the day before the dive team and the day after. There was a dramatic drop in water level as evidenced by the water line on the tree snags.

I rather liked the lake that formed behind the beaver dam; but I know having my house flood was not an option.

However- the beavers are back at work again…chewing with a vengeance!


  1. fascinating! i remember a documentary on beavers i saw years ago. apparently, next to humans, beavers are the most likely to change a landscape – and all that simply by their building of dams. what a cool thing to witness. but not having your house flood also seems like an important consideration 🙂
    thanks for sharing.


    1. Thank you for your reply.
      I read an article this morning about beaver being used as a component in stream and riparian restoration. In places where the landscape can support beaver dam building, the beaver-made structures benefit the ecology of mitigated areas by increasing stream complexity in beneficial ways for aquatic and terrestrial species. Pretty cool- and less expensive than man-made solutions, to be sure! If our Public Works people could work with the beaver so the dam didn’t cause home flooding… it would be wonderful to still have the pond that was created 🙂


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