Want Technology? Then, Prepare to Go Outside!

It’s inevitable… most folks will not create a gift list that includes- “Go Outside.” Which is sad, when you think about it; because that is where gifts that keep on giving truly can be found… fresh air, sun rises and sun sets, birds,  plants of all kinds, to name only a few.  Instead- I’m willing to bet, many gift lists will include some type of electronic device.

That being said, I wondered how a virtual gift can be married with the real gift to create a “hybrid” gift package. Then two ideas occurred to me!  1- Project Noah.  2- Project Bud-burst.  Both are user interfaces that encourage people of all ages to go outside, observe nature, capture images, and share the experience electronically through social media communities comprised of others who are also engaged in nature- as active participants!

Check them out …clicking on the icons below will link you to the Project websites for a peek!

Project Noah is a tool to explore and document wildlife and a platform to harness the power of citizen scientists everywhere. “Noah” is an acronym for “networked organisms and habitats.” The website is easily accessed on Apple and Android devises through free apps found either in iTunes or Google Play. Mac and PC laptops will connect to Project Noah at www.projectnoah.org.   No matter how the connection is made, setting up an account is an undeniably fantastic way to bridge a virtual device with real outside experiences!

There are several ways to participate in Project Noah:

  • Individual photographs
  • Collections of photographs organized by nature topics
  • Education activities planned by teacher for student participation in classrooms

No matter which route- participation in Project Noah is a lot of fun. The forum-atmosphere creates an avenue for talking about nature with others. Earning badges for achievements in nature study is motivating, and enjoyable.

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