Screenwriting Contests Coming Up in 2018

by ScreenCraft on December 14, 2017

Can you believe 2018 is already almost here? We're getting an early start and announcing ALL our 2018 competitions opening dates and deadlines today!

Click here for our updated 2018 dates and deadlines.

Whether you're writing a writing a genre feature screenplay, a TV pilot or a short film, ScreenCraft offers a variety of screenwriting contests that tailor the prize package and jury to each unique genre.

Which ones will you be entering? Which ones are you most excited about? Our industry judges are looking forward to the incredible scripts we'll be reading in 2018!

Here are ScreenCraft's 2018 writing competitions: 

  • 2018 Sci-Fi Screenplay Contest: opens on January 10, early deadline on February 9, final deadline on March 30
  • 2018 Horror Screenplay Contest: opens on April 3, early deadline on May 3, final deadline on June 29
  • 2018 Comedy Screenplay Contest: opens on March 15, early deadline on April 16, final deadline on June 1
  • 2018 Public Domain Screenplay Contest: opens on April 2, early deadline on May 2, final deadline on August 10
  • 2018 Short Screenplay Contest: opens on May 10, early deadline on June 11, final deadline on August 15
  • 2018 Drama Screenplay Contest: opens on June 11, early deadline on July 11, final deadline on September 15
  • 2018 Pilot Launch TV Script Contest: opens on July 16, early deadline on August 15, final deadline on October 3
  • 2018 Action/Thriller Screenplay Contest: opens on July 25, early deadline on August 24, final deadline on October 25
  • 2018 Stage Play Contest: opens on August 15, early deadline on September 15, final deadline on October 10
  • 2018 Novel Contest: opens on September 5, early deadline on October 10, final deadline on December 15
  • 2018 Short Story Contest: opens on October 1, early deadline November 7, final deadline December 16
  • 2019 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship: opens on October 18, early deadline on November 19, regular deadline on January 11, final deadline on March 1, 2019.  Please note that the 2018 season is open until March 1st, 2018!
  • 2018 Family-Friendly Screenplay Contest, opens on November 1, early deadline on December 3, final deadline on Jan 10, 2019
 And if you want to mark your calendar for other top screenwriting contests of 2018, our friends at Coverfly have a roundup of the Best Screenwriting Contests of 2018 over on their blog. You can download it for free!

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