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Welcome to ScreenCraft’s eCourse, Write Your Comedy TV Pilot in 30 Days!

Want to write the next great TV comedy series? We can help get you started! In this course, you'll learn how to brainstorm, structure, and develop a complete comedy TV pilot in just 30 days through daily assignments and exercises delivered every day to your inbox. We'll break down universal narrative concepts like plot, dialogue, and conflict, as well as TV-specific and comedy elements, like The Series Engine, joke writing, and teleplay format. We'll also analyze today's top TV comedies, including:


Bring an openness to learn and a passion for storytelling -- we'll provide the rest. You don’t even need to have a premise yet. Sign up below!


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What you'll learn:

How to choose a good premise

How to write great characters

How to structure a TV pilot

How to format a teleplay

How to write great jokes

Pacing in television scripts

How to use the "System of Passes" to polish your final draft

ScreenCraft has been an invaluable resource throughout my screenwriting journey. Their competitions and feedback have played a pivotal role in refining my storytelling capabilities, enabling me to take significant strides towards achieving my career goals.

Peter Haig2021 ScreenCraft Fellowship Finalist

ScreenCraft catapulted my career years ahead of even my most optimistic expectations... [and] has helped me land top-tier representation and put me in a position to pitch projects to major studios.

Robert HaffeyScreenwriter

ScreenCraft is an amazing organization.

James V. HartAward-winning screenwriter of HOOK, DRACULA, and CONTACT

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