Professionally Funny: Comedy Screenwriting - Event Notes and Quotes


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Writing a comedy screenplay (pilot or feature)?  Get this 'Event Discussion Summary' from our recent event in Los Angeles!  PLUS Key Quotes & Talking Points.

These notes contain the following topics:

  • Formatting and crafting visual comedy on the page
  • Scripts every comedy screenwriter should read
  • Making big stories out of small stories
  • The future of comedy in the online space
  • Writers rooms vs. writing solo vs. writing partners
  • Making a personal connection to your premise

-- and much more!

What are the secrets of writing successful film and television comedy? How has the form changed? How do you set up situational comedy versus visual comedy? On May 28th, 2014, ScreenCraft held a panel of veteran comedy experts talking about those topics and many more. The panel consisted of the screenwriters of such shows as WEDDING CRASHERS, SEINFELD, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, THE MASK, THIS IS THE END, ROCK N ROLL HIGH SCHOOL, THE DICTATOR, and many more!  Get these event notes & quotes - on sale now!


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